Children Counseling Vancouver WA

Child Counseling Vancouver WA

Children Counseling

Millions of children suffer from a serious mental heath disorder. About 21 out of 100 kids have a diagnosable mental or addictive disorder. Sadly only four them receive the professional help they need.

Have you noticed your child struggling with any of these signs? Perhaps they are reluctant to get out of bed in the morning. They seem to find less pleasure in activities and hobbies they usually enjoy. Maybe their appetite has changed, eating much more or much less than usual. There’s a change in the frequency of their communication with you. Maybe they are easily upset, startled, and quick to anger at the slightest annoyance or change of plans. Tearful, aggressive, problems in school, lack of peer friendships…

A variety of issues bring children and their concerned parents into CHARIS.

“Are these issues normal?”

“Are these symptoms something we should worry about?”

“Is this just a phase he/she will grow out of?”

“I’ve tried everything, but nothing’s changing. Is there something I’m missing?”
Child Counseling Vancouver Washington
It can be difficult at times to pinpoint what is going on inside your child. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, abuse or trauma, manifest differently in a young child’s developing body and brain than in an adult’s.

That is why the counselors at CHARIS partner with the whole family to gain a broad perspective on the factors that may be influencing your child’s and your family’s current difficulties. Our counselors have training and years of experience in parenting skills and family systems. In addition, two of our rooms are designed for kids with play figurines and materials for a variety of expressive techniques such as sand tray, play and art therapy.

We get to know your child and their primary caregivers at the initial intake session. We work from there to determine the combination of services that will best fit your child and family needs. Services range from individual sessions with your child, caregiver consultations and sometimes therapy with whole family. Initially the focus is on building trust and promoting a healthy emotional expression with the counselor.  Sessions with caregivers often focus on strategies, techniques and resources to read and use at home.

If you have noticed significant changes in your child’s personality or behavior over the past few months, and need resources to develop a plan to see your child through a difficult time, please call CHARIS at 360-980-2920. A counselor will talk to you about your concerns and schedule an intake appointment.