How much does counseling cost?

CHARIS has a long-standing commitment to make counseling affordable, especially to those in need.

Our standard fees for counseling (45 minutes) ranges from $25 to $160 depending on the counselor’s credentials, length of session, service provided and the client’s financial need. Doctoral level counselor’s fees range from $80 to $160; Master level counselors range from $80 to $110; and Family Life Educators, Coaches, and Counselors in training range from $25 to $80.

CHARIS offers discounts, scholarships and payment plans in cases of financial hardship. Sometimes your church or a family member may be willing to help pay a portion of the counseling.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please discuss this with the intake counselor when you first call or with your current therapist.

It is also important to know that:

  • Payments (by check, cash, card) are expected at time of service.
  • If for any reason there is a cancellation, 24 hours notice is required, otherwise you, as the client, are still responsible for the full fee payment. Insurance does not cover missed appointments.
  • Phone calls, emails, text messages or other communication made by the counselor at your request are prorated at the hourly fee.
  • A $45 fee will be charged for returned checks in addition to any bank charges. Your payment options may be modified and/or limited should your check be returned.
  • CHARIS periodically reviews and adjusts the standard fees and discounts.
  • Your counselor gets paid when you pay.

CHARIS may use outside professional businesses for billing, administrative assistance and collection purposes. These businesses are under the same HIPAA regulations (see below or click here) as CHARIS to use appropriate safeguards to prevent the misuse or disclosure of your personal health information.

What about insurance?

The licensed counselors at CHARIS are happy to assist you in using your insurance. Although your insurance plan is a contract between you and the insurance carrier, as a courtesy to you, we submit most insurance claims for you. We will need your full insurance information, including any secondary insurance. You will still need to pay your deductible, co-pay, or for services not reimbursed by your insurance. You are responsible for the balance of payment if your carrier does not respond promptly to our bills (after 90 days).

**Your insurance may or may not, cover the services provided at CHARIS. Managed care plans may deny payment or reduce benefits if your care is obtained outside of their network or their authorization (pre-approval). Your number of sessions or treatment protocols may be limited by your insurance. Please check with your insurance carrier to discuss the benefits, limitations and procedures of your plan prior to your visit because you remain responsible for any unpaid balances.

Insurance companies require counselors to submit your personal information, including but not limited to diagnosis, type of treatment, dates of service, copies of chart notes, justifications for treatment, progress reports, and financial information. Once information is released to an insurance company, CHARIS has no control over who is able to access that information. Therefore, if you choose to have your insurance cover a portion of your treatment cost, you will be waiving your right to confidentiality as related to the information your insurance carrier requires.

Please discuss your insurance coverage with the intake counselor or your current therapist to determine what will be the best financial alternatives.

Currently, Bart J. Fowler, Psy.D. is the ONLY provider participating with the following healthcare organizations (“in network”):

First Choice Health Network (a Moda subcontractor)
Managed Health Network, Inc.
Providence Health Plans
United Behavioral Health
US Behavioral Health Plan

Dr. Fowler and the licensed counselors are able to bill as an out-of-network provider with those healthcare organizations that have that option. Please call your insurance company for details.